About Me

Hello there, thank you kindly for visiting my website – Journey to ELLA. ‘ELLA’ is an acronym for ‘Embracing Love, Life & Authenticity.’ To start off with, my name is Amana and here is a little bit of information about me and why I created this website.

By looking back at my own life, I recall being one of many who became caught-up in living a life that was extremely busy, fast-paced and stressful that I almost came to think of it as the norm. During such times, I found myself becoming preoccupied with unwanted thoughts and negative patterns of thinking; stressed about work deadlines, finances, goals, and what others expected from me. The weekends would just come and go; feeling mentally exhausted by the time it was Monday and the whole process would start all over again. I had become what I always feared of becoming - a societal robot!

As a child growing-up, I was always highly sensitive to everything around me. I was inspired by the beauty of life and I dreamed of living in a world filled with love, peace and hope. But I eventually found myself trapped in the monotony of day to day living. Expected to live my life a certain way but not truly LIVING! I felt lost, confused and emotionally drained like I had no control over my life choices anymore. It was as if the universe kept nudging me to let go. To let go of that which was no longer fulfilling me; no longer nourishing my mind, body and soul.

Up until a few years ago, after experiencing an intense heartfelt time in my life, I found myself going through a deep kind of awakening. More specifically, a 'spiritual awakening', a major shift in my consciousness or what is commonly known as the 'Paradigm Shift.' I started seeing the world and my life circumstances in a much more awakened state - just like I did as a young child but feeling even more awakened. I felt as though I could no longer choose to remain asleep within the 'matrix.'

Thereon, I slowly began incorporating mindfulness meditation, alongside prayer, a lot more in my daily life. By just learning to be in the present moment, I was going through a process of self-healing and spiritual growth. I was allowing all that which needed to be healed to come up to the surface. A time in my life which I refer to as the 'dark night of the soul' ('Noche Oscura' by St. John of the Cross).

During this phase in my life, I began to experience a noticeable shift in my lifestyle and relationships. All I wanted to do was spend some quiet times alone in nature to completely connect with who I really was on the inside. To connect with my true self without all the 'false' things that we often hold onto so dearly. I could no longer eat the same foods or enjoy the drinks that I would normally consume; nor was there any real desire to engage in materialistic activities such as shopping for material gain and watching television - all of which continues to be the case.

I noticed a gradual change over time, enabling me to let go of ego-based thinking and gain better focus and clarity about my life situation and where I was heading. Whilst the journey was mentally challenging at times, once I was able to really dig deep within myself and embrace self-love, I was able to appreciate life once again and become wholly connected to everything around me including my true essence. I was able to learn over time to just be in the present moment; to live my life from the heart and soul rather than become easily distracted by external influences. In short, I could no longer be a societal robot!

Oneness: We are all ONE

Through such experiences, I came to naturally grasp the concept of spiritual enlightenment. To possess the belief that whilst we are unique in our individual ways, on a higher level of consciousness, WE ARE ALL ONE and that all wars, conflicts and inequalities seem to rise from this mistaken belief that we are all separate from one another.

I began having intense moments of emotional joy, especially during meditative states, and while simply admiring the sky, the trees, the mesmerising stars and all of nature. I felt so alive, so much love and a true sense of connection. This led me to conclude that if each one of us seeks to go beyond the mind, intellect and ego, then imagine the possibilities of us all achieving that sense of oneness within ourselves and with everything around us. 

I discovered that meditation is just one profound way of directly exposing us to the oneness deep within and reaching that higher state of consciousness or awareness. By engaging in such activity for long periods of time, an awakening occurs. You realise that through oneness you begin to truly appreciate the concept of unconditional love; to fully embrace life and feel free enough to become your authentic self.

Free from mental slavery

As the journey continued, I eventually sought the complete courage to break myself free from all ties that were keeping me in fear and holding me back from living up to my full potential. Instead, I felt profoundly guided to pursue a path that would allow me to help others awaken to their true potential and join me on this quest to embrace love, life and authenticity.

I firmly believe that each and every one of us has the natural ability to self-heal from the many kinds of inner conflicts we face in life; the ability to live a life that is courageous rather than fearful. To face life challenges with confidence and grace; to possess the freedom to take control of our own destinies and the freedom to dig deep and embrace our true authentic selves.

If you continue to pursue this path of self-healing and you put your whole heart and soul into it, you are able to open the door to complete bliss and joy! Imagine a world where each one of us could connect to that oneness within our lives?! In order to visualise a more positive change in the world, it all starts with the self. It is just like the great Mahatma Gandhi once said, “we must be the change we wish to see in the world.”

So here I am! As a certified practitioner for Mindfulness teaching (Central England College), I wish to share with you all and teach you the meaningful elements of daily mindful living alongside mindfulness meditation practice. If you would like to awaken the mind, body and spirit to infinite love and healing; to gain deep inner-peace and gratitude then taking part in mindfulness meditation is most definitely an invaluable experience. I welcome you to join me on this very special journey to ELLA.


 *** Should you wish to find out more, please feel free to visit my SERVICES tab and Journey to ELLA Facebook page for details of any upcoming events and services.***


More about me...

In terms of my background, I have studied (BScHons/MSc/PGDip) and worked within the field of Psychology as well as Clinical Criminology and Criminal Justice. It has always been a deep interest of mine to gain a better understanding of the science behind the human mind and behaviour; in particular the study of the unconscious mind.

I have mostly worked with vulnerable and challenging individuals in both prison and community settings. The nature of the work involved encouraging/supporting and monitoring positive change and rehabilitation alongside ensuring public protection. In doing so, I possess the relevant knowledge, skills and experience when it comes to utilising cognitive-behavioural, person-centred and desistance-based approaches.

My other main areas of focus include holistic and spiritual based practices; namely, intuitive & spiritual coaching, dream interpretation/analysis and energy healing work – to which I am a Reiki (Ushi Shiki Ryoho Second Degree) practitioner.

In addition to this, I am a qualified hypnotherapist and I am currently training to gain full accreditation in Psychotherapeutic Counselling. I look forward to combining all these approaches holistically and offering these services further down the line. It is my view that in order to help end human suffering, it is important to focus on the interconnection between the mind, body and spirit.

I feel that it is crucial for each one of us to take the time to nurture our minds and bodies as much as we can whilst also protecting the soil beneath our feet; the air we breathe to survive and the water we consume each and every day. This remains very dear to my heart as does “widening our circles of compassion to embrace all living things” (Albert Einstein). Due to this, I enjoy maintaining a plant based vegan diet with no artificial sugars. From my own experience, I can honestly say that the types of food and drinks we consume in our daily lives can make such a significant difference to our mental and physical well-being.

Love & Blessings to you all,

Amana Saphira