I find myself in his presence. He comes to sit beside me and he lays his hand gently on to mine. I feel a strong rush of electric energy with every fibre of my being. No longer am I in waiting. A waiting that has allowed me to learn so much about patience; so much about self-love. I feel at peace with it all. I am grateful to the universe for giving me the time. The time to really dig deep within myself. To heal. To love myself unconditionally; to love all that I am. And to not give up on this intense journey. A journey that has led me to embrace my true authentic self.

Both of us together now. Closely intertwined in each other’s arms.

I look into his eyes. I notice a mirror reflection. His heart and soul deeply ingrained within mine. A beautiful recognition which allows me to embrace the notion that in spite of our individual uniqueness, I am him and he is I. 

Locked in a loving embrace.

There is no need for any words to be spoken; for we are fully consumed by this moment of divine love. This moment of complete oneness.

Warm tears of joy roll down my cheeks.

I feel a passionate flame rise from my beating heart. 

I see a swarm of vibrant colours fly out from my chest, and calmly make their way into his.

I love him for all that he is. His gentle kindness. His fiery passionate heart. The powerful inner strength he keeps so well hidden. That raw masculinity, which enables him to light his soul on fire and fly high into the unknown. His extraordinary mind and intellect. And even his imperfections; as without them, it would not be possible for him to challenge his fears and live courageously.

A feeling of eternal bliss.


Blogger: Amana Y.

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