I can feel the lovely warmth of the sun tenderly caressing the side of my face. My ears become sensitive to the sounds of the birds cheerfully singing and chirping away in the trees. The beautiful flow of water trickling downwards in to the glittering stream. Oh how soothing these sounds are to my ears. A feeling of tranquillity flows through my whole body. I gently close my eyes for just a few seconds to enjoy this extraordinary feeling of calmness and stillness. I take a long deep breath in of the clean crisp air and then one deep breath out. Each time, I feel more and more relaxed in this present moment. In this state of just being.

The soles of my bare feet can feel the warmth rise from the earth beneath me. My eyes are now wide open and are filled with deep curiosity; the mind becoming fascinated by the number of clouds floating in the sky. How they gradually transform themselves from shades of white and grey, to a serene and peaceful blue.

Whilst admiring the beauty I see surrounding me, I decide to take a sip of the clear fresh water as it trickles into the moving stream. I do this with a deep sense of care and attention. It feels extremely soothing to my throat; so refreshing and so re-energising to the outer layer of my skin. I can’t help but smile and feel completely at peace. I see, hear and feel everything around me. The little moments that we often take for granted.

Blogger: Amana Y.

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